“Everything you can imagine is real” –Pablo Picasso–

With this premise in mind, we envisioned what the best loudspeakers ever created should look and sound like. To achieve our vision, we investigated the sound produced by benchmark products during the hi-fi golden years, as well as the best that current science and technology offers. As a result of research, science, hard work, inspiration, and experience, LORENZO AUDIO LABS was born.

Our mission at LORENZO AUDIO LABS is to come as close as possible to the emotion at the heart of music – from recreating the delicate nuances of a baroque harp, to reliving the spontaneity and strength of a jazz quartet with all its presence and dynamism, to the sound of a great philharmonic, to allowing ourselves to be fascinated by the magic of the human voice.

Past, present, and future come together to achieve the most advanced, musical, and refined loudspeakers on the market at LORENZO AUDIO LABS.

Manufacturing techniques

At LORENZO AUDIO LABS, our obsession with music and its perfect reproduction inspires us to push the limits. We work with a deep desire to excel, and a perfectionism that forces us to accept only the best.

We achieve our objectives by combining classic technology with the latest advances in materials, software, components, and manufacturing techniques. After countless simulations and computer calculations to identify the best circuit design, thousands of hours listening to results after each improvement, and final adjustments, we realized our objectives. The human ear is the best possible tool, and the only one that gives us final assurance of a perfect result.

We are fully convinced that only handcrafted work offers the extraordinary level of quality we are committed to. This is true in the manufacture of the hand-welded crossover (without printed circuit boards and made with the best components available on the market), the bass reflex ports (hand-turned with very special tonewoods), and the Panzerholz wood parts designed in-house and used in critical places (like the nuts and knobs of the speaker connectors, insulating discs on the feet, or solid pieces holding the drivers to eliminate the need for metal screws to touch their chassis and transmit the vibrations from the cabinets to the drivers).

The fascinating outer finish of our products requires special mention. The finish is 100% handcrafted by a fourth-generation craftsman, whose family has worked since 1888 with marquetry and inlay techniques. This masterful art turns our products into exquisite, unique, timeless jewels. Cabinets are covered with natural wood veneer, rigorously selected for its beauty and durability, along with handcrafted inlays of various woods and mother-of-pearl. Finally, our cabinets are varnished in high gloss finish, with no less than 7 layers of varnish.

At LORENZO AUDIO LABS we don’t follow trends. We use paper cones and Alnico magnets in the design of our top loudspeakers, for one simple reason: They produce the best sound. In the same way, we take advantage of the latest developments in the design of components for our crossovers, where only the best quality is acceptable regardless of its cost. Our crossovers are made with high-end components from Duelund, Jupiter, Mundorf, and Pathaudio.

Exhaustive energy controls in our loudspeaker cabinet allow the drivers to show their full potential, unveiling even the finest detail and delicate harmonics. Otherwise, these remain hidden, limiting the final listening experience. To achieve this, we build massive enclosures with phenolic plywood with elastomer in a restricted layer to absorb the spurious vibrations transmitted by the drivers. Horns, front, and rear parts are made by 5-axis CNC machinery.

LORENZO AUDIO LABS confers great importance on the internal wiring of our speakers, made with high-purity copper, silver, and gold wire in various sections.

We believe it is crucial to control the vibrations that our loudspeakers receive from the floor of the listening room. For this reason, we use massive steel feet with a lower piece from Panzerholz, which filters the floor vibrations. If the equipment is placed on a carpet, these Panzerholz discs can be removed for more solid, firm support. (In this case, the feet rest on a steel hemisphere.)

At LORENZO AUDIO LABS, there is no insignificant detail. Only by taking great care of all of the innumerable details in the design and construction of a loudspeaker is it possible to create a product as special as those in our catalog. Beauty, emotion, passion for music, and a unique sensory experience… all that and more is LORENZO AUDIO LABS.


Lorenzo Audio Labs is a small but mighty team of two: Miguel Lorenzo Castro & Josep M. Gallart. We have a breadth of experience over 20 years designing and manufacturing loudspeakers, and we are obsessed with music and its perfect reproduction.

Miguel Lorenzo Castro

Josep M. Gallart