• The chasis is manufactured from phenolic birch plywood (61mm thick).
  • The shelve is made of Panzerholz solid wood (40mm thick).
  • The chasis and the shelve are joined with elastomer in restricted layer.
  • Solid steel feet are designed in-house, with a lower piece from Panzerholz to remove vibrations that come from the floor.
  • All parts that make up the power amp stand are covered with natural wood veneer, rigorously selected for its beauty and durability, and 100% handcrafted by a fourth-generation craftsman whose family has worked since 1888 with traditional techniques that have become legendary.
  • LORENZO’s name written on the front in mother-of-pearl hand-inlaid, letter by letter (it’s possible to order the stand without LORENZO logo).
  • Dimensions: Height 6,9 inches (17,5 cm), Width 20,5 inches (52 cm), Depth 26,77 inches (68 cm).
  • Weight: 57,3 lbs (26 kg).